We offer new technologies that leap towards the future.


DIONE works to monitor the latest technology trends, mainly in North America, to discover distinctive technologies and original products.
Like the deity of the sky after whom it is named, DIONE combines customers' needs for product development with cutting-edge technologies in pursuit of new potential towards the future.

Handling manufacturer

FINsix is a fabless venture company established by members of the Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronics Systems (LEES) of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With highly advanced technical capabilities in high frequency switching power sources, it offers revolutionary lightweight switching power source solutions.

MC10 is a fabless venture company that owns original sophisticated technologies to provide flexible contact image sensor platforms for the medical and health care sectors. Not only confined to sensors, it also offers systems that concentrate data collected wirelessly from sensors in the cloud in the network and makes proposals of comprehensive systems that cover data visualization.

Silicon Line is a fabless company established in the German city of Munich in 2005. With its optical communication technologies supporting high-speed data transfer with ultra low power consumption, it provides IC and module solutions chiefly for mobile devices and consumer products.

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