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Tetsuya Furumata

GAIA was established in April 2016 as a division company of Marubun Corporation.
Leveraging knowhow gleaned from vast experience and the capacity to propose solutions preempting customer needs and offer dependable support as a technology trading company at all stages, from product planning through to development, mass production and supply, GAIA conducts high added value business around the world.
The environment surrounding GAIA is changing dramatically, with market developments such as the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things or IoT and political developments such as the emergence of Chinese companies and the new measures of the Trump administration. Using new technologies that effectively meet the needs of Japanese companies while eying the expanding emerging Asian economies and recovering US market, we will do our utmost to be an ideal partner which, as a solutions company selling semiconductors as standalone devices and modules and collaborating with EMS, grows alongside its customers.
GAIA will contribute to the development of the growing in-vehicle market and the industrial machinery market, and to the SMEs that underpin the Japanese market.
We have now made a fresh start, merging KTL Corporation into GAIA. Reborn, GAIA will start to handle the new LINE cards of eight manufacturers in addition to those of Texas Instruments. We will consolidate our resources to strengthen our sales structure and we will also aim to establish a more efficient management structure through internal reorganization.
GAIA will continue striving to further improve the quality of our services to meet the expectations and requirements of our customers.

April 2016
GAIA Company President
Tetsuya Furumata


GAIA, Marubun Corporation
Head Office
8-1 Nihombashi Odemmacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8577 Japan
Date of Establishment
April 2016
Tetsuya Furumata, GAIA Company President
Brands Handled
· Littelfuse
· MaxLinear
· Taiwan Semiconductor
· Texas Instruments
· Touch Panel Systems
· Zytronic
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