Management Message

Traded as : 7537 (TYO)

We aim to become a robust company that can realize sustainable growth.

Chief Executive Officer Shoji Mizun

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to our shareholders for their continued generous support and understanding.

While the Japanese economy is expected to continue a gradual recovery against a background of improved employment and income conditions, the economic situation is likely to remain unstable, given uncertainty in overseas economies and the geopolitical risk.
The electronics industry, in which the Marubun Group operates, is witnessing continuous worldwide changes in the landscape of semiconductor manufacturers because of mergers and acquisitions as a major trend over the past few years. Innovation is also continuing in advanced technologies, and a new market has been created through the sophistication of complex technologies such as IoT, the development of automobiles equipped with automatic driving technology, and the introduction of medical and nursing care services that utilize wearable devices and robots.
Under these circumstances, the Marubun Group aims to achieve ROE of 8% or more at an early stage through higher profitability and efficiency by implementing the basic policies of “response to and catch-up with industry reorganization,” “creation of new businesses through active investment in innovation” and “improvement in capital efficiency.”
As we work to become a “robust company that can realize sustainable growth” with these initiatives, I humbly ask for the continued support of our shareholders.


Chief Executive Officer
Shoji Mizuno