Our Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

  1. We contribute to the development of a sustainable society through responsible corporate activities.
  2. We create value for our customers by providing our solutions with professionalism.
  3. We cultivate a lively corporate climate in which each individual employee works with enthusiasm and pride.

Charter of Corporate Conduct

To realize our corporate philosophy and live up to the expectations of our stakeholders in society and community, we have established the following Charter of Corporate Conduct and designated it as the fundamental stance for the corporate activities of the Marubun Group.

  1. Management with integrity and accountability
    We will thoroughly adhere to corporate ethics and make disclosures in a timely and appropriate manner.
  2. Fair business activities
    We will conduct fair business transactions and comply with laws and ordinances.
  3. Contribution to sustainable society
    We will contribute to a sustainable society as a good corporate citizen and refuse to associate with antisocial forces.
  4. Contribution to environmental conservation
    We will manage our business so as to contribute to environmental conservation.
  5. Enhancement of customer satisfaction
    We will provide products and services that deliver value to our customers to meet their needs and expectations.
  6. Proper enterprise risk management By conducting proper enterprise risk management,
    We will strive for stable, long-term growth.
  7. Respect for human rights
    We will respect human rights, individuality and diversity. We will not discriminate for any reason.
  8. Development of an employee-friendly work environment
    We will realize a safe and supportive work environment that respects eagerness to face up to challenges.
The top management will proactively take a lead in realizing the spirit of this Charter of Corporate Conduct, taking it as their responsibility, and will ensure that all company employees, group companies and business partners are aware of this charter.

Code of Conduct

1.Management with integrity and accountability
  1. We will develop management systems to ensure thorough adherence to corporate ethics.
  2. We will develop an internal watchdog system including a contact point for reporting.
  3. We will provide education and training on corporate ethics, in addition to continuous reinforcement and enhancement.
  4. We will publicly disclose our Corporate Philosophy, Charter of Corporate Conduct, and Code of Conduct.
  5. We will provide and disclose necessary information to our stakeholders in society and community in an appropriate manner.
  6. Through PR and IR activities, we will engage in bi-lateral dialogue with society.
2.Fair business activities
  1. We will not take advantage of our relationship with our suppliers.
  2. We will maintain export management rules and processes in compliance with laws and ordinances.
  3. We will ensure company-wide adherence to antitrust laws.
  4. We will not engage in conduct that would inhibit fair, transparent and free competition.
  5. We will protect our company's intellectual properties and respect those of others.
  6. We will not engage in gifting or entertainment for the purpose of making unfair profits.
  7. We will maintain sound relations with the government and will not practice bribery or offer unlawful political donations.
  8. We will ensure that our conduct adheres to the international rules and local laws of individual countries.
  9. We will respect the local culture and customs overseas and promote business activities based on mutual trust.
  10. In dealings with foreign civil officers, we will not conduct any acts that lead to corruption, such as extortion or bribery.
3.Contribution to sustainable society
  1. We will support the activities of Marubun Research Promotion Foundation and contribute to the development of the industry.
  2. We will strive to participate in CSR activities as a good corporate citizen.
  3. We will support employees' voluntary participation in social programs.
  4. We will take a firm stand against antisocial forces and organizations.
4.Contribution to environmental conservation
  1. We will maintain an environmental management system to use resources efficiently and reduce waste.
  2. We will develop a chemical substance management system.
  3. We will manage poisonous and harmful substances, specified chemical substances, and hazardous materials in compliance with laws and ordinances.
  4. We will disclose our environmental conservation activities in an appropriate manner.
5.Enhancement of customer satisfaction
  1. We will strive to win the trust of our customers by grasping their concerns and meeting their needs and expectations.
  2. We will ensure that our products and services are safe and reliable.
  3. We will develop a quality management system.
  4. We will provide accurate information to our customers regarding our products and services.
6.Proper enterprise risk management
  1. We will evaluate risks and take appropriate measures.
  2. We will formulate an emergency response manual and business continuity plan as part of our internal systems for responding to emergency situations.
  3. When an emergency situation arises, we will promptly assess the situation and causes in order to respond appropriately and take preventive measures.
  4. We will maintain our information security systems and properly manage personal and confidential information.
  5. We will prevent insider trading.
7.Respect for human rights
  1. We will not discriminate in recruiting and will ensure equal opportunities.
  2. We will respect diversity in the workplace and the individual personality of employees and work to eliminate any discrimination or harassment.
  3. We will establish a personnel system that allows our diverse human resources to fully exercise their individual capabilities.
8.Development of an employee-friendly work environment
  1. We will maintain awareness of work injuries, work environments and work related illnesses, and implement appropriate safety and health measures.
  2. We will maintain awareness of harmful chemical substances and odors in the workplace and take appropriate countermeasures.
  3. We will provide appropriate healthcare to all employees.
  4. We will properly manage employees' working hours, holidays and vacation days.
  5. We will hold dialogues and meetings either directly with employees or through their representatives.
  6. We will support career development and self-development efforts of employees.