Electronic Devices

Providing Total Semiconductor Business Based on Global Sales and Support Structures.

As a devices business unit, Marubun provides total solutions in the semiconductor business from marketing to technology support and delivery. Based on a business model that emphasizes close ties with customers at the point of contact between customers and suppliers, we strive for parts and materials procurement that provides benefits to our customers. We monitor customer product development trends and production plans and provide, in a timely manner, usefully technology information and support functions that anticipate the timing of this shift from design to commercialization. In addition, management structures made up of large-scale distribution centers and cutting-edge information systems achieve justin- time and stable supply of products. Marubun began importing and selling ICs immediately after their invention and in 1965 was the first company to successfully introduce integrated circuits to the Japanese market, playing a major role in the effective start of Japan's electronics industry. Based on this past performance and expertise, Marubun has become a trusted business partner.

Total Solution

  • Extensive coverage of all semiconductor types from high-end processors to standard logic circuits.
  • Supply of products from approximately 30 Japanese and overseas companies and providing functions and specifications in accordance with customer needs.
Design and
  • Support structures that cooperates with external design houses.
  • Technical support for both hardware and software that covers not only circuit design but also using IP to incorporate functions.
  • Parts and materials procurement through a global network centered in Asia and North America.
  • Support of overseas purchasing and shift of production to overseas locations.
  • Stable supply provided through sufficient inventories.
  • Thorough quality control and accurate and speedy delivery using the latest information systems including EDI.
  • Supply of not only parts and materials, but also of semiconductor business expertise developed over many years as a unique resource.

Field of Main Products

& Electronic
Standard Logic Micro-
Memory ICs Analog Discrete Display
Solar Panel Softwares
connector Other Devices

Electronic Systems

A Technology-Oriented Specialist Trading Company that Provides Unrivaled Products in High-End and Niche Markets.

As a systems business unit, Marubun supplies cutting-edge electronics products that play pivotal roles in numerous fields to universities and governmental research institutions as well as the research and development arms of corporations. It is precisely because Marubun is able to provide support in collaboration with group companies in all areas---from pre-installation consultations to system proposals, installation, operational training, and technical support---that it is able to provide the products that it does. We understand our customers' needs, and in order to provide products that meet those needs, create systems, combine them with other products, and use information networks to find products, and make development requests to suppliers so that we can satisfy customer needs in the shortest possible time. Only a technology-oriented trading company such as Marubun can carry out these types of detailed activities.

Proposal-Based Business

  • Marubun monitors market trends closely and gathers and analyzes information on customer needs as well as the latest product and technical information in order to continuously offer the best products.
  • Marubun’s technical staff is proficient in supplier’s new technologies, enabling us to offer application systems best suited for the complex and diverse needs of customers.
Technical Support
  • Marubun’s technical support structures work in close collaboration with specialist companies with advanced knowledge and extensive experience to provide support in all areas, from operational training to maintenance.
  • Active support of development projects using cutting-edge technology.
    Excellent track record of providing technology and information indirectly.

Field of Main Products

Industrial Manufacturing Equipment Industrial Robots IC Test Handler Embedded Computer
Plasma Nano-Processing Nanoimprint Equipment  
Industrial Inspection Equipment IC Lead Inspection System X ray Inspection System Reflow Simulation Equipment
Lasers & Optoelectronics Laser Oscillators,Laser Diodes Laser Processing System Optical Components
Laser Measurement Equipment Lamps & Optics Laser Sensors
Network & Optical Communication Network Time Servers Frequency Standard Components for Optical Communication
Measurement & Sensors Acoustic and Vibration Measurement Partial Discharge Monitoring for Generator & Motor Radio Frequency Measurement
Aerospace & Defense Space Equipment Geophysical Equipment Microwave Components
Simulator Equipment