Division Companies


Like a hunter, we cultivate new markets.
ARTEMIS is a virtuous deity of hunting and light.
ARTEMIS deals in Broadcom products and other custom IC, IP and other products incorporating leading-edge technologies, and offers technical support from engineers who are familiar with different products and technologies. With the latest technologies, the Company passionately opens and creates new markets.


We offer optimal solutions to contribute to customers' time.
 CHRONOS is the god of time.
CHRONOS provides analog ICs, memories and other semiconductor products, crystal devices, sensors, connectors, printed circuit boards and other electronic components with significant competitiveness in Japan and around the world to make timely proposals of solutions that are best suited to customers' needs.


We offer new technologies that leap towards the future.

DIONE works to monitor the latest technology trends, mainly in North America, to discover distinctive technologies and original products.
Like the deity of the sky after whom it is named, DIONE combines customers' needs for product development with cutting-edge technologies in pursuit of new potential towards the future.


We provide the best proposal at the best timing for customers' competitiveness.

The God of Chance, KAIROS.
KAIROS Company is geared forward to be the best partner of the customers who is just facing to the opportunity with providing the best proposal at the best timing out of our wide range of products lines, which consist of Standard to High-End Analog products, the latest Digital ICs and Electronic Components.


We provide valuable products that enhance our customers' competitiveness.

ZELOS, the god of enthusiasm and competitive spirit.
ZELOS offers a wide range of semiconductor products, mainly analogICs, as well as circuit protection, sensors and power control components.
We enthusiastically provide valuable products, information, and services to help our customers survive the market competition.