We offer new technologies that leap towards the future.

DIONE works to monitor the latest technology trends, mainly in North America, to discover distinctive technologies and original products.
Like the deity of the sky after whom it is named, DIONE combines customers' needs for product development with cutting-edge technologies in pursuit of new potential towards the future.

Handling manufacturer

Aeolus Robotics

The Aeolus RaaS (Robot as a Service) platform provides human-like support services in elderly care house, hotels and restaurants, as well as security patrols at airports and industrial facilities. It would not require customers to secure their own engineers for installation, operation, and maintenance due to its simplicity of the usage. Since the business model is subscription model of monthly payment, without owning a robot, the customers can start and stop using this service easily. As the one of the key features of this stand alone Robot, its Autonomous, enabled by own AI, does not require the connection to cloud at all without establishing high quality and reliability network.


FINsix is a fabless venture company established by members of the Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronics Systems (LEES) of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With highly advanced technical capabilities in high frequency switching power sources, it offers revolutionary lightweight switching power source solutions.

Nanoramic Laboratories

Nanoramic Laboratories is a spin-off company from MIT and has been developing high-performance capacitors through using carbon nanotube technologies. The company holds numerous patents pertaining to the manufacture of nano carbons and devices, offering a wide variety of device solutions to various fields using nano carbon technologies such as electrical machinery, automotive, aerospace, and defense applications.


MC10 is a fabless venture company that owns original sophisticated technologies to provide flexible contact image sensor platforms for the medical and health care sectors. Not only confined to sensors, it also offers systems that concentrate data collected wirelessly from sensors in the cloud in the network and makes proposals of comprehensive systems that cover data visualization.


Ossia’s flagship technology is Cota Real Wireless Power, a patented, award-winning technology designed to deliver power over-the-air, without cables, charging pads, or line-of-sight. Cota technology can deliver meaningful power to many devices at the same time, in motion, at a considerable distance, safely and efficiently. All Cota-enabled devices can be activated, managed, and monitored via the Cota Cloud platform. In addition, Cota power receivers are small enough to be embedded into Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, wearables, and many other electronics across industrial, automotive, and consumer applications.
Ossia’s patented RF smart antenna technology automatically keeps multiple devices charged without any user intervention, enabling an efficient and truly wire-free, powered-up world, that is always on and always connected.

Silicon Line

Silicon Line is a fabless company established in the German city of Munich in 2005. With its optical communication technologies supporting high-speed data transfer with ultra low power consumption, it provides IC and module solutions chiefly for mobile devices and consumer products.

Silicon Mobility

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Sophia Antipolis, France, we are growing every day with offices in Silicon Valley, Germany ,China and Japan. We deliver applications optimizing the energy efficiency of EV and HEV powertrain.Our products control electric motors, battery charging and power conversion systems of electric and hybrid vehicles. The costs savings are incurred while improving overall quality and durability of the vehicles.


DIONE Company President Takashi Sasanaka

As a division company of Marubun Corporation, DIONE was established in 2016.
We propose state-of-the-art technologies that are barely available in the world earlier than any other company. We offer integrated support for all phases from product specification design to the start of mass production to enable customers to use leading-edge products without concerns. We also work to constantly improve our services. We will relentlessly seek the latest technologies for customers wishing to differentiate themselves.

DIONE Company President
Takashi Sasanaka