Competitive devices and the breadth of product lineup are truly the bounty of the earth.

GAIA provides an array of analog devices, embedded processors, standard logics, DLP products and sensor products mainly from Texas Instruments. GAIA is named after the Greek deity of land. The Company will offer advanced items, information and services to provide customers with satisfaction as bounty of the earth.

Handling manufacturer


ABLIC Inc. (formerly SSI Semiconductor Corporation) provides small, low-power consumption, and high-precision analog semiconductor products (voltage regulators, memory, sensors, etc.) for a wide range of devices for general consumers/households, mobile devices, and automotive devices. ABLIC's strength lies in the low-current consumption, low-voltage operation, and ultra-small package technologies it has developed over many years. As is the case with its ICs for lithium-ion batteries and their automotive memory products, many ABLIC product lines hold some of the largest market shares in the world and its products receive global praise for their high quality.


CPE(CHAOYUE PRECISION ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd) is a transformer manufacturer that designs, develops, manufactures and sells power transformers and choke coils.Their products are adopted for various applications of consumer, industrial, communication, automotive applications, and are widely shipped in W/W such as Europe, US and Asia mainly in Japan.


Littelfuse products are used as vital components in applications that use electrical energy, from consumer electronics to automobiles, commercial vehicles, and industrial equipment. Littelfuse's history of innovation, technical expertise, and the industry’s broadest and deepest portfolio of circuit protection related products enable it to provide objective, comprehensive solutions that precisely meet individual customers' needs.


MaxLinear, Inc., listed in NYSE since 2010, manufactures semiconductors. MaxLinear is a leading supplier of radio frequency (MaxLinear RF) ICs and mixed-signal ICs for broadband communication. In particular, its general-purpose interface ICs hold some of the largest market shares in the world. Currently, MaxLinear is expanding its voltage regulator lineup and offering its products for a broad range of electronics products.


SEMIKRON INTERNATIONAL GmbH offers extended lineups of products from chips to modules in the field of power semiconductors and contributes to all sorts of energy saving industries with both its industrial standard packages and flexible, expandable packages. Today, SEMIKRON has a staff of more than 3,000 people in 25 subsidiaries worldwide. Its international network with production sites in Germany, Brazil, China, France, India, Italy, Korea, Slovakia and the US ensures fast and comprehensive service for customers.

Taiwan Semiconductor

Taiwan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (TSC)'s core products are discrete semiconductors including rectifiers, small signal diodes, analog ICs, and MOSFETs. TSC's products have been applied to equipment in a range of fields, such as automobiles, home appliances, communication and information technologies, industrial equipment, new energy, and photovoltaics; ensuring world-class quality. By looking ahead and ceaselessly endeavoring in their research and development, TSC is committed to continuing to be a company that fully satisfies global market demand as it grows and evolves with the diversification of electrical products.

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments (TI) works to support its customers and address their issues together so that they can develop new electronic devices that will provide greater convenience, health, safety, environmental friendliness and joy. With manufacturing, design and sales bases in more than 30 countries, it continues to seek innovations. Marubun Corporation chiefly proposes its analog ICs, embedded processors, logic ICs and DLP®.

Touch Panel Systems

Touch Panel Systems K.K. develops, manufactures, and sells touchscreen related products for easy and simple operability with interfaces between humans and computers. A manufacturer specializing in touchscreens boasts a lineup of products with industry-leading technology systems—with a wide array of products, including high-quality, highly reliable touchscreen panels (components), touchscreen monitors, and all-in-one touchscreen computers.


Shenzhen Refond Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is the first SMD LED manufacturer in China. The company offers high-quality LED products and modules for lighting, home appliances, automobiles, plant growth, and security applications.


Zytronic PLC has been investing in the development of touch controllers based on its proprietary ASIC and firmware algorithm. Moreover, with its expertise in glass processing and laminating, as well as more than 70 years of experience in an extensive range of in-house facilities, Zytronic PLC specializes in designing and manufacturing customized touch sensing solutions applicable even to small-volume production. Zytronic PLC is a leading company offering touch sensors with projected capacitive technologies suitable for demanding applications.


GAIA Company President Tadaoki Hoshina

GAIA was established in April 2016 as a division company of Marubun Corporation.
We will develop high value-added businesses globally and grow with customers, leveraging Texas Instruments products with a broad portfolio of products with advanced technology, and total solution proposals and technical support capabilities that anticipate market needs We will strive to be the best partner we can.

GAIA Company President
Tadaoki Hoshina