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Frequently asked questions about Company, Business, Achievement and Financial and stocks

Questions about Company

Q1. Explain simply what kind of company is Marubun?

Our company is a trading company providing, domestically and internationally, the cutting-edge electronics products such as semiconductors and electronic application equipments. Since establishment, we have focused on the industry and R&D field based on electronics technology, providing the best products, information and service leading to our competitive advantage and improvement of customer satisfaction.

Q2. When was Marubun listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?

We were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange second section in January, 1997.
It was transferred to the Tokyo Stock Exchange first section in March 2001.

Q3. Please tell me about the origin of the company name of Marubun. How does “establishment” differ from “foundation”?

We started our company as a dry goods wholesaler (store name: Marubun) in Nihonbashi-Ohdenmacho, where the current head office is located, in 1844. We call this “foundation.” Then, our business shifted to an asset management company and merged with the business corporation founded by our founder after World War II, and later to the current trading company focusing on export and import. This was in July, 1947 and we called this “establishment.” The company name “Marubun” came from the store name when it was founded.

Q4. What are the circumstances when you become an electronics trading company?

Our company used to deal with various miscellaneous goods and general machinery when it was established, and then concluded a distributor’s contract with a machine trading company in the US in 1952, when we started handling the cutting-edge equipments produced in USA for the first time. After that, we strived to expand our business by recognizing our mission as the contribution to the development of Japanese industry, science and technology through introducing the cutting-edge equipments produced in USA and Europe and consistently exploiting these equipments. We also started to provide semiconductors, one of main products of the current electronic device business, under the development of the cutting-edge equipments.

Q5. What is the company’s philosophy?

Please refer to the “Our Philosophy” page.

Q6. What is the management indicator to be targeted?

Our mid-term goal is the improvement of our profitability, achieving 5% of ROE as a measure.

Q7. Please tell me about your company group.

The group consists of our company, 13 subsidiaries, and 1 affiliated companies. (As of Apr.1,2020)
The business fields of the main subsidiaries are shown below:

Marubun Tsusho Co., Ltd.
 --- Purchase and sale of electronic equipment such as medical equipment.
Marubun West Co., Ltd.
 --- Purchase and sale of electronic equipment.
Foresight Techno Co., Ltd.
 --- Provision of engineering services such as technical support.
Marubun/Arrow Asia, Ltd.
 --- Purchase and sale of semiconductors and electronic components in the Asian region.

To see the list, go to ”group”.

Questions about Business

Q1. Please tell me about the business and main products of Marubun.

Our company consists of two businesses: electronic devices business and electronic systems business. The main products are shown below:

Device business --- Semiconductors, crystal devices, Display devices, etc.

System business --- Space & defense electronics, Industrial & Inspection equipment, Laser equipment, Information & Communication equipment,Medical Equipment, etc.

Click “here”  for details of the business.

Q2. What is the advanced technical support? Please be specific.

For the device business, we try to understand customer needs, more specifically functions the customers' design engineers wish to develop, at an early stage of production to introduce optimal semiconductor design. We also develop the custom IC design and its software. 

For the system business, we develop new technical support to provide system integration combining multiple products according to customer needs, maintenance service including installation and adjustment after delivery, and feedback of customer needs to the supplier to develop new products.

Q3. Why is a global sales network one of your strengths?

We established a joint venture Marubun/Arrow in 1998 by sharing investment with Arrow Electronics, Inc., which is one of the largest semiconductors trading companies in the world.
The method of developing the products in Japan by the major electrical equipment manufacturers, who are the main customers in the device business, is shifting production overseas, which is the norm these days. Marubun/Arrow builds the sales network to be excellent in quality, quantity, and speed by making the best use of the broad customer base and sales power of Marubun, and also the abundant products and global deployment of ARROW. 
In addition, we cope with customers who are shifting production overseas promptly to implement the same fine component supply service as we have been doing domestically, regardless of production bases.

Q4. I would like to know your joint venture partner, Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: ARW) guides innovation forward for over 175,000 leading technology manufacturers and service providers. The company maintains a network of more than 336 locations worldwide. With 2019 sales of $29 billion, Arrow develops technology solutions that improve business and daily life.

Q5. Does the company have any other companies in the same trade?

Our company is broadly classified as an electronics trading company. Since the composition of net sales of the electronic devices business is high, we are regarded as one of the semiconductor trading companies.

The semiconductor trading companies are classified into two groups: the semiconductor trading companies affiliated with manufacturers producing domestically mainly, and independent semiconductor trading companies not belonging to affiliated companies.

Examples of independent semiconductor trading companies are Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd., Macnica Fuji Electronics Holdings, Inc., and Tokyo Electron Device Ltd., examples of affiliated companies are Ryosan Company Ltd., Sanshin Electronics Co.,Ltd. and UKC Holdings Corporation.

Trading companies dealing with electronic equipments are Hakuto Co., Ltd., and Toyo Corporation.

Q6. Please tell me about the suppliers of the device business.

For the device business, there are powerful suppliers leading the semiconductor industry in the world. The main suppliers are shown below:

Overseas makers: Broadcom Inc., Maxim Integrated, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, Etc.

Domestic makers: Seiko Epson Corp., Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corp., etc.

Please refer to “Business” for details.

Q7. Please tell me about the customers and use of the electronic device business.

The main customers of the electronic device business are the major electrical equipment manufacturers representing Japan. 
Our semiconductor and electronic components are adopted in various applications: communication equipment (e.g. smart phone), consumer electronics (e.g. game machine, digital camera, DVD, and flat TV), and others (e.g. computer/OA equipment, industrial equipment, and car).

Q8. What kinds of product fields are dealt with in the electronic system business?

The electronic system business deals with four fields of electronic products as shown below:
・Space and defense electronics (space equipment, simulator equipment and sensors)
・Industrial Equipment (inspection equipment and related manufacturing equipment for semiconductors, embeded computer system, etc.)
・Laser equipment (laser diode, optical components)
・Information & communication Equipment (optical communication equipment, GNSS & timing solutions, network & securities)
・Medical equipment (diagnostic imaging equipment, hemodialysis apparatus)

Please refer to “Business” for details of the products.

Questions about Achievement and Financial Affairs

Q1. What is the company’s fiscal year-end?

The fiscal year-ends on March 31. The company announces consolidated results every quarter. 

Please refer to the “IR calendar” for upcoming schedules.

Q2. How can I obtain the most recent earnings information?

Please refer to the “Financial Results” page and download a copy in PDF format.

Q3. Where can I find the historical results and the trend of key performance indicator?

Please refer to the “Financial Data” page.

Q4. Please tell me about the sales for each segment.

The segment information of the electronic device business and the electronic system business, and segment information for each location are described in the financial statement. 

Please refer to “Financial Results” for details.

Q5. I am looking for data distributed to the analysts at the earnings conference.

We plan to provide the data, distributed to the analysts at the company briefing session, on this homepage in principle. 
To see the data distributed at the company briefing session after the announcement of financial statements, go to “Presentations”.

Q6. Is the earnings conference of the financial results available for viewing on the Internet?

We don’t provide the motion picture transmission on the Internet. 
To see the data distributed, go to “Presentations”.

Q7. How can I obtain Marubun’s annual report?

Marubun doesn't prepare an annual report.

Q8. When is the next earnings release?

Please refer to the “IR calendar” page.

Questions about stocks

Q1. What is the company’s stock code?

The stock code is 7537.

Q2. What is the company’s trading unit?

The trading unit is 100 shares.

Q3. What is Marubun’s dividend policy?

In accordance with the basic policy for the provision of continuous shareholder returns, we have adopted a performance-linked dividend payment to actively return earnings in accordance with its operating results, and determine dividend payments by focusing on the dividend payout ratio. Based on this policy, we will determine a dividend amount based on a payout ratio of at least 25% on a consolidated basis or a pay ratio of at least 30% on a non-consolidated basis, whichever is higher.

Please refer to the “Devidend Information” for details.

Q4. How much is Marubun's dividend?

Please refer to the “Devidend Information” page.

Q5. When are the recorded dates for the dividend payments?

The year-end dividend is paid to shareholders of record on March 31 and interim dividend is paid to shareholders of record of September 31.

Q6. When was the last stock split?

Please refer to the “Devidend Information” page.

Q7. Does Marubun offer any special benefits to shareholders?

Marubun does not currently offer such a program.

Q8. Who is the stock transfer agent?

The stock transfer agent is Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation.

Q9. How can I exercise voting rights at an ordinary general meeting of shareholders ?

 We send a convocation notice of an ordinary general meeting and a voting form to each of the shareholders recorded in our shareholder list as of the end of the record date for the meeting (March 31 of each year). 
 If you attend the meeting in person, you may exercise voting rights by submitting a voting form at the meeting. 
 If you are unable to attend the meeting, you may exercise your voting rights in writing. Please indicate your approval or disapproval of each agenda item on the voting form, and return the form to arrive at the company by the day before the meeting.