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ZELOS, the god of enthusiasm and competitive spirit.
ZELOS offers a wide range of semiconductor products, mainly analogICs, as well as circuit protection, sensors and power control components.
We enthusiastically provide valuable products, information, and services to help our customers survive the market competition.

Handling manufacturer


ABLIC Inc. (formerly SSI Semiconductor Corporation) provides small, low-power consumption, and high-precision analog semiconductor products (voltage regulators, memory, sensors, etc.) for a wide range of devices for general consumers/households, mobile devices, and automotive devices. ABLIC's strength lies in the low-current consumption, low-voltage operation, and ultra-small package technologies it has developed over many years. As is the case with its ICs for lithium-ion batteries and their automotive memory products, many ABLIC product lines hold some of the largest market shares in the world and its products receive global praise for their high quality.


CPE(CHAOYUE PRECISION ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd) is a transformer manufacturer that designs, develops, manufactures and sells power transformers and choke coils.Their products are adopted for various applications of consumer, industrial, communication, automotive applications, and are widely shipped in W/W such as Europe, US and Asia mainly in Japan.


Littelfuse products are used as vital components in applications that use electrical energy, from consumer electronics to automobiles, commercial vehicles, and industrial equipment. Littelfuse's history of innovation, technical expertise, and the industry’s broadest and deepest portfolio of circuit protection related products enable it to provide objective, comprehensive solutions that precisely meet individual customers' needs.


Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. (MPS), a leading company in high performance analog solutions, has an innovative technology license in its proprietary BCD (Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS) process technology. MPS offers a wide range of products including high performance DC/DC converters, micro modules, power supplies and motor drivers for various applications in the consumer, industrial, communication and automotive sectors.

Tyco Electronics

Tyco Electronics (commonly known as TE) is a leading connector company that fulfills customer needs with many lineup. In recent years, TE focuses on improving package size and power consumption. TE products are used in various applications such as medical and industrial machines. Please use the TE connector that can reliably transmit data, power, and signals even in harsh environments.


ZELOS Company President Masuhiro Yamada

As a division company of Marubun Corporation, ZELOS was established in 2020.
We handle a wide range of unique and competitive products from a many suppliers, and we are committed to combining them to solve our customers' problems.

ZELOS Company President
Masuhiro Yamada